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Recruit Industry

For way too long, families and children have had to move to find high paying jobs. It is critical to our success that we retain the jobs we currently have, as well as recruit industry to District 90. We need to use our strengths to diversify our economy. I will look for ways to leverage our agricultural based strength and will support small businesses because they are the backbone of our economy. While working to recruit industry, I will look to bring trade schools into Denmark Tech so we can help our children learn a trade so they have the opportunity for a high paying job.


I graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in elementary education. After 19 years of teaching in both private and public schools, I have seen firsthand the struggles that many students and teachers face. As your next State House Representative, I will support teacher pay raises, and address the lack of resources in District 90 school districts. This not only starts in Columbia, but also in Bamberg County as they currently do not have an elected County School Board.  

Cooperation & Communication

Bamberg and Orangeburg County deserve a leader who can work with the leadership in Columbia regardless of party affiliation. This district–our children, are getting left behind. I will listen to you and your family’s concerns and be a voice for our community as well as bring your voice to the General Assembly. With a little cooperation and strong communication, we can make this district a place where everyone can thrive, not just survive.  

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